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Our Mission

To continue to build our business on the solid foundation of ethics, service and reliability.  For more than four decades, Rubber & Accessories has been focused on providing quality industrial hoses, conveyor belts, and the highest level of service to our customers throughout Florida and the Southeast.

Customers benefit from our experienced staff with technical knowledge, and over 70,000 square feet of tremendous inventory of products. This unmatched inventory allows us to deliver faster than anyone else in the marketplace.

You can count on unparalleled professionalism and ethical standards from a team of people dedicated to keeping your plant or operations running at all times. With more than 500 years of combined experience, Rubber & Accessories is qualified to be your only industrial rubber products resource.



Trust is an important part of our business. Simply put, we do what we say. Never anything less. It shows in our people and the everyday operations of our company.
Harry Robb and Buzz Hooper combined their energies, talents, and experience in the rubber industry with one goal in mind --

Giving Customers Their Money's Worth!

Our Promise

Here at Rubber & Accessories you deal with

real genuine people

No automated machines

Give us a call or fill out our convenient

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form, and we’ll be honored to get back with you in a

timely fashion.  Or just drop on by one of our

customer service centers in Lakeland, FL and Atlanta, GA

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Business Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30am -5pm (EST)



Ethics, Service and Reliability- 

that is who we are! 

Since 1972 Rubber and Accessories

has been the leading distributor of

Hose, Conveyor Belt, Sheet Rubber, and Accessories throughout the

Southeastern United States. 

With two prime locations, our customer service, inventory, and reliability, has propelled us to be the

Hose & Belting Resource…. 

We are serious about exceeding your expectations, so if you're not pleasantly surprised by our service, please contact us.  Tell us how we can be of a better service to you and your company. 


(Official R&A Ambassador)


Customer Service Team

Scott Felkner

Customer Service Manager

36 Years of Industrial Rubber Experience

Mary Ellen Cheney

Customer Service Receptionist

Over 30 Years as

Customer Service Receptionist

Cindy Bishop

Coupling & Fittings  Specialist

21 Years of Customer Service & Purchasing Experience

Jamie Bertram

Gaskets & Sheet Rubber Specialist

27 Years of Sales & Customer Service Experience

Donna Reid

Hose Clamps, Bandings, & Exp Joints Specialist

U.S. Navy Veteran with 15 Years of Industry Experience

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