PVC Cleats

With the largest and perhaps the only PVC Belt Cleat Welding Machine in Florida, Rubber & Accessories can weld cleats ½” thru 4” and up to 72” wide on PVC Belt in only days.

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Molded rubber Tatch-A-Cleat converts any conveyor or elevator belt into a cleated belt.   Attached to the belt with just a punch and screwdriver.  Sanitary and easily cleaned for food handling ... maximum shock protection for breakable packages and agricultural products ... for all inclined belts.

Cupped design of base provides tight compression to belt.  Vertical ribs prevent suction between product and cleat.  Made of white or black non-toxic FDA approved BUNA-N rubber; resistant to oil, heat, acid, and weather.  Available in five heights and can be cut to any desired length.  Plated or stainless steel fasteners.



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Extruded, rubber cleat designed for use where low cost, durable belt cleaning is desired.  Bottom of cleat is concave to provide tight seal when bolted to belt.   Applied to belt with punch and wrench.


Heavy duty rubber cleat for conveyor belts on construction equipment, agricultural harvesting, sand, stone or gravel handling, metal castings, and other inclining   applications.   Absorbs shock, highly resistant to abrasion, troughs easily ... anchored to belt with punch and Phillips screwdriver.


Rubber guides, shaped like V-belting, easily attached to the underside of conveyor belts with screws, keeps belts centered over pulleys.  Made of high tensile rubber for wear resistance, and cogged for flexibility over pulleys.  Used wherever belt tracking is a problem.


Screw-on, solid rubber lugs, used wherever long length cleats are not needed to elevate cased or packaged goods up steep inclines.  Attached with punch and Allen wrench.  May be positioned throughout belt to suit requirements.