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Preformed clamps are vibration resistant and require no hammering or crimping. Clamp is automatically locked under full tension in one simple lever movement. Preformed clamps are available in Type 201 stainless steel and galvanized carbon steel in five different widths.





Center Punch 



Center punch clamps are available in 201 stainless steel or hard treated galvanized carbon steel. Center punch clamps are locked with a standard conical punch, ensuring a strong, powerful lock for reliable and consistent clamping.
Both 201 stainless steel and galvanized carbon steel center punch clamps are manufactured with 201 stainless steel buckles to provide maximum locking strength.
Clamps require installation with illustrated Center Punch Tools.

Heavy Duty Steel - 3/8" Band = .020 Thick - 5/8" Band = .031 Thick

Stainless Steel  - 3/8" Band = .020 Thick - 5/8" Band = .023 Thick



Open End 



Center punch open-end clamps are tightened, then locked by

striking tool punch with mallet or hammer.

Swivel-action locking of screw to band makes Snaplock a truly versatile clamp. Unlike standard worm drive clamps, Snaplock is quickly opened and closed. Installation is easier, especially in "closed" systems where the clamp must be opened to be applied.

Air FiltrationCommunicationsShipbuildingPollution ControlData Processing

"56" series

300 Series stainless band and housing, zinc-plated, yellow chromatic carbon steel bridge, and 5/16" screw.

"58" series

300 Series stainless band and housing.

400 Series stainless bridge and 3/8" screw.

(400 series s/s is subject to magnetic attraction)



Tiny – Tough – Precision Engineered.

Seals with only 10 inch-pounds of screw torque, One piece housing, No spot welds, Easy to install in confined areas.

"62"M" Series
300 Series marine-grade band,
housing, and screw

"62P" Series
300 Series stainless steel band and housing. Zinc-plated, yellow chromatic
carbon steel bridge.

Pow'r gear

"6x" series


Combo Hex

Combines safety-collared 3/8” hex head screw design for easy, safe installation with either socket wrench or screwdriver.  

"54” Series

300 Series stainless band and housing. Zinc-plated, yellow chromatic carbon steel screw.




All Hy-Gear clamps feature full size 9/16" band width with one piece housing, and interlocked construction plus your choice of 3/8" or 5/16" hex head screw.

Manufacturing, Irrigation/Water System, Marine, Automotive/Truck, Farm Machinery, 

Construction Equipment, and Home Appliances.

"68" series - 5/16" hex head screw

300 Series stainless band and housing.

400 Series stainless screw.

(400 series stainless steel is subject to magnetic attraction)

"67-5" series - 5/16" hex head screw

1/2" band clamps are suitable for most common home and automotive applications.
Screw: 5/16" hex-head. 300 Series marine grade stainless steel.
Band material and housing: 1/2" wide.

"63" series - 5/16" hex head screw


300 Series stainless band, housing and screw.

A marine-grade quality clamp designed for corrosive environment. 
High nickel alloy stainless steel meets the demands of in ground and underwater applications.

"50" series - 5/16" hex head screw

300 Series stainless band and housing. Zinc-plated, yellow chromatic carbon steel screw.

Bolt Clamps



360 Degrees

Air King

(For Universal Fittings)

Double Bolt

Single Bolt


Center Punch Installation Tools


5/8"(15.88mm) wide clamps

Ratchet action tension tools are available for applying center punch and center punch open end clamps with a center punch lock.


3/8"(9.53mm) wide clamps


Preformed Clamp  Installation Tool

& Adapter


A drop forged tool with tension capability of over 2,400 LBS . and a built-in cutter. Features include: A spring loaded gripper lever for improved band tension - A friction held cutoff lever with plastic grip for easier operation - Permanent lubrication on the tension screw to extend tool life and speed clamping. - A zinc plated black chromatic finish to provide superior corrosion resistance - A spin handle retaining ring to keep parts intact. Used with bulk banding material and preformed clamps.



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