Contractors Hoses

50' Air Hose Assembly

3/4" Universal Coupled Ends

An ideal hose for pneumatic air tools and other industrial service. Coupled lengths consist of universal quick acting couplings installed with bolt clamps, band clamps, or crimp sleeves.

250 PSI Premium

Water Hose

A high quality hose for water service under pressure. Black rubber tube and blue cover.

Not recommended for oil applications.

175 PSI 

Industrial Hose

 with brass female ght couplings 

Rubberized Thermoplastic

Class B oil resistance

Excellent flexibility. Resistance to weather, aging and abrasion. Recommended for golf courses, commercial uses, construction, industrial plants, irrigation supply lines, H.D. Washdown, agricultural & farm maintenance.

Colors: Green or Black

150 PSI 

contractors Hose

with brass male and female GHT couplings.

Heavy duty black water hose for abusive service requirements where garden hose is not suitable. 150 PSI working pressure. Black rubber tube and cover is age and weather resistant. Stocked in 50 ft. lengths, coupled with brass male and female GHT couplings.

100 PSI 


with brass male and female GHT couplings.

An excellent rubber hose for home and light industrial use.

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