Expansion Joints

Molded Wide Arch

Expansion Joint Molded Arch
Expansion Joint Molded Arch
Expansion Joint Molded Arch
Retaining Rings
Expansion Joint Molded Arch

The primary function of a Rubber Expansion Joint is to provide pipe motion compensation in as short a space as possible in a piping system.

Rubber Expansion joints also treat the problem of: Vibration, Induced Forces, Noise, Shock, Electrolysis, or Corrosion.
Expansion Joints are designed to accept axial and lateral movements in accordance with recommended design characteristics. If these movements are exceeded, damage, including rupture, may occur.

To prevent this possibility, CONTROL UNITS designed to limit movement are recommended. If the piping is not properly anchored, control units must be used. 

Designed To:

Full Vacuum Service, Greater Motion Capability From Wider Arch, Less Force to Compress,  Standard 125/150 lb. ANSI B 16.1Flange Drilling, Standard Face to Face Dimensions Filled Arch, High Temperature - 250°F Continuous Service Filled Arch

*Use washer under bolts against Retaining Rings

*Metal, Teflon Lined, and custom expansion joints are available upon request.