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Custom Gaskets

Any shape and size • Any material

We offer a complete gasket cutting, stripping, and fabrication facility. Gaskets are cut from all basic compounds and elastomers, solid and sponge, asbestos substitutes, cork, TFE, fiber. Pipe flange gaskets are cut and stocked in all major sizes and materials, in both ring and full face styles for immediate delivery. Non-standard gaskets can be fabricated to specification and delivered with minimal lead time. We solicit your orders and inquiries for both standard and non-standard gaskets.

* Gaskets can be made to order and priced on inquiry.

Material products

AllPax Cutter / Arch Punches /  Asbestos Substitutes / Cork / Cork/Combinations / Felt / Fiber / Gum Rubber Boots & Chutes / Rubber: Natural, Synthetic / Sponge: Closed Cell - Open Cell / TFE / UHMW-PE / Urethane


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Agriculture / Boating / Chemical Plants / Compressor / Condensor / Engines / Food Processing / Heat Exchanger / Industrial / Marine / Mining / Off Shore / Power Plants / Pumps / Refinery / Shipping / Steam Trap / Trucking

STRIPPING: Any of our flat product or rubber roll gasket material as well as sheet plastics and urethanes can be stripped to your order requirement. Thickness from 1/32” - widths from 1/4” - lengths up to 100 feet depending on roll length. Special shapes can be cut. Whatever your requirement, full roll, partial roll, or a strip of rubber, we can service your requirements.


Spiral Wound


304 S/S Winding

Chlorocarb non-Asbestos Filler

Steel Outer Guide Ring

The most common metal style "standard" pipe flange gasket requested in the industry. Designed to handle severe sealing applications where other gaskets fail. Other style metal gaskets can be designed/fabricated to meet your "non-standard" sealing application.

304 S/S Winding
Steel Outer Guide Ring
Non-Asbestos Filled.

UHMW Sheets
Black Rubber

From our inventory of Roll and Sheet Goods, a wide range of physical properties, gauges, widths and lengths are available to meet the varied requirements of gasketing applications. Whatever the condition; oil, heat, ozone, weathering, abrasion or chemicals, we can supply a roll, partial roll, cut piece, or strip for your gasket, seal or strips requirement.


Sheet Rubber

Other Thicknesses Available

Compressed Fiber 

NON-Asbestos 60" x 60"

General service sheet with N.B.R. binder. Good heat and aging resistance. Seals water, air, minimum gas permeability.

TFE Sheet

48" x 48"

A high density unfilled pure T.F.E. Fluorocarbon for critical chemical and mechanical applications.

Vegetable Fiber

36" x 75' 

Suitable against oil, solvents, aromatic and non-aromatic fuels up to 250˚F. A highly compressible sheet

UHMW Polyethylene

48" X 120"

UHMW-PE has proven itself in many areas where abrasion is a problem. This product in many applications, has outlasted carbon and stainless steel 6 to 1. Highly recommended for conveyor chutes/bed liners, chain guides, wear strips and a variety of other applications where abrasion is a problem. This product is also accepted by the FDA and USDA for use in food industry applications. Many forms of this product are available upon request, such as: rods, tubing, stripping, molded, and extruded products.

Corrugated Matting


A durable 1/8" corrugated runner engineered for maximum service and long wear. Has a smooth-back finish.


Most widely used where floor protection and safety are vitally important.


An all-weather product. Will not curl, shrink, or separate. Cleans easily and quickly, promotes cleanliness. Good abrasion resistance. Sound absorbing.


Ideal for general use in industry, in the home, and office buildings.


Jet Black


Approx. 6 lbs./sq. yd.




Super Cushioning Matting

The ultimate anti-fatigue runner matting for worker comfort and safety. This matting is made of durable sponge vinyl and gives you these added features:  Hard  Wearing, durable sponge vinyl construction.  Corrugated surface to trap dirt and reduce slips.  Beveled edges lay flat - won’t curl.  Easily cleaned with vacuum or broom.  Aids in noise control.  Cushions dropped tools.  Industrial and manufacturing facilities, stores, garages, florist shops, and night clubs. Wherever employees are required to stand for long periods of time.




Approx. 6.7 lbs./sq. yd.

Arch Punches

High Carbon steel cutting edge. Close manufacturing tolerances. 50 Rockwell hardness.

Made in USA.  Top Quality Steel, Full Arch Clearance.


Braided Packing


Tie Down Straps

White Buna-N, White Polyethylene, White Rubber, White UHMW, Vulcanization, Viton Gasket, Viton O-Ring, Vibration Dampeners, Vinyl Matting, Virgin UHMW, Viton, Vegetable Fiber, Tubing, U-Channel, UHMW, UHMW Stripping, Teflon Gasket, Tan Gum Rubber Sponge  Sponge Matting Sponge Rubber Soft Matting Skirtboard Rubber Silicone Gasket Material Silicone Sheet Rubber Skirt Board Rubber  Silicone Sheet Rubber Rubber Strap  Rubber Stripping Rubber Product Rubber Sheet Rubber Skirting  Rubber Matting Rubber Red Dura-Shield Red Gum Rubber  Red Rubber   Red Rubber Gasket  Nitrile  Non-Asbestos Sheet  Neoprene  Neoprene Black Rubber Matting Lagging Klinger C4401 Klinger C4500 Klinger Material Industrial Matting Industrial Rubber  High Density Polyethylene Green UHMW Gum Rubber  Gum Rubber Sleeve Gum Sleeve  Gasket  Gasket Material Garlock Food Grade Rubber Food Grade Silicone EPDM EPR EPT Diaphragm Gasket Diaphragm Rubber  Crown Matting Compressed Gasket Material Closed Cell Sponge  Cloth Inserted R
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Symmetrically designed so either side can be used against a surface. Molded Tie-Down Straps have amazing stretch ability (the 30" strap was stretched to 5’ with no ill effects) and are available in four convenient sizes.