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Combination Nipples

Hose Shank x Hose Barb IPT Thread

Quick Disconnect
Cam & Groove / Locking Handles / Reducers / Air / Water / Stainless / Poly / Plain Steel
Hose Shanks
Combination Nipples / Menders / Long Shank
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Adapters & Inserts
Garden Hose Thread / Brass Inserts
Curb Pump
Chrome Plated MPT
316 Stainless / Threaded Carbon Steel /
Fire Hose
Couplings / Wrenches / Brass / Aluminum
High Pressure
Agricultural Spray / Steam / Air / Water
Brass / Male / Female / Oil Delivery
Plaster & Grout
Victaulic / Heavy Duty / Threaded
I-Line / Tri-Clamps / Weld Tube / Bevel Nut
Sand Blast
Universal Fittings
Chicago / 3-Way Connectors / 4-Lug / Safety Pins & Lanyards
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Hose Shanks



Steel Hose Nipples

Long Shank

IPT Threads / Plated Steel / Malleable Iron / Brass

Short Shank

Short Shank Rubber Washer

Brass Push-on


REusable Paint & Air


Brass GHT

Adapters / Inserts


Brass  Adapters

Brass Inserts


Curb Pump

Male End

Chrome Plated MPT



316 Stainless Inserts

Carbon Steel Flanges


Threaded & 150LBS

Fire Hose


Cast Brass-Pin Lug or Aluminum Rocker Lug. NST or NPSH Thread.

For Mill Hose and Single Jacket Fire Hose or Rack Hose.

When ordering, specify thread type.

Universal Hydrant Wrench

Adjustable combination hydrant and spanner wrench. Malleable iron head and 7/8" steel handle. For pentagon hydrant nuts up to 1 3/4" from point to flat. Also notched to fit 1 1/4" square hydrant nut. Spanner for pin lug and Rocker lug couplings, 1 1/2" thru 6". Overall length 18".

Spanner Wrenches


High Pressure


Air /Water / Steam




Brass Male & Female

Thread: IPT

Expressly for petroleum and fuel oil delivery hose.


Plaster & Grout

Provides full flow capabilities for maximum delivery of abrasive material eliminating internal build up between hose I.D. and coupling shank.

Victaulic End

Heavy Duty Raised

Male End

Universal Air Fittings


Sand Blast

3-Way Connection

Dead End

Safety Pin & Lanyard
Safety Pin





Provides full flow capabilities which eliminates bacteria build up for food and beverage applications such as wine, beer, juice, vegetables, and dairy products. These couplings, gaskets, and ferrules are USDA approved and are available with the 3-A Standards for hose assemblies. All coupling stems are 316 stainless steel.

* Our ®Ultima Food & Beverage &

®TFE Master hoses,

are prime selections for these couplings.

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Male End

Weld Tube End

Bevel End w/Nut

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