Pulley Lagging



Cut to width and shipped in rolls or cut to specific length.  Strips are wound around pulley and held in place by adhesive or by rivets.

*Other Widths Available Upon Request

Pulley Lagging


Rough Top Lagging

Drive Rivets 

Rubber Cement

Lagging Adhesive

 A fast-setting, solvent type, synthetic rubber compound designed for industrial bonding operations on high speed production schedules. Bonding is accomplished by instantaneous pressure alone; no clamps, presses, or complicated heat curing schedules are needed.  Suitable for most types of dissimilar lamination involving plywood, plastic laminates, steel, aluminum, linoleum, pressed wood, copper, porcelanized steel, fiberboard, leather fabric and rubber.  Produces an odorless, non-staining bond which is resistant to heat, moisture, oil, grease, and many    chemicals.  The film is firm and tenacious, featuring high dead-load strength, yet sufficiently elastic to resist shock and fatigue.


Self Adhesive Lagging

For light duty applications.  Rough surface lagging with adhesive back.
Supplied on 60 ft. rolls ONLY.

Pulley Traction Pads

Slide Lag 

Easy to install - no bolts, screws or adhesives.  Simply weld retainer strip, lay in a pad, weld in another strip, lay in another pad, etc. until job is finished.  Installation takes but a few hours. 
**Replacement can be done in minutes - simply by sliding the pads in or out from the ends of the pulley - without removing the pulley from the conveyor.Just specify, pulley diameter and "Style 5". 

Shipping Wt. approx. 17 lbs.

Use the table below to determine number of 6 foot lengths required for one pulley.  

Belt Skirting


When used with skirt boards, it prevents edge spillage and directs material into the center of the belt.  Ideal for belt scraper. use.


Skirt Board Rubber


Skirt Board Rubber

2-3 times the wear life over SBR Rubber Skirtboard. Designed to have a low coefficient of friction which reduces drag. Has a high tensile strength resulting in longer wear and less tearing compared to SBR Skirtboard Rubber. Benefits include dust containment, lower maintenance costs and an overall lower belting and motor fatigue. Available in 25°, 35°& Squared 

Chute  Lining


For lining metal or wood chutes, hoppers, troughs, or launders used in construction, quarries, mines, etc.


Top quality all rubber (tensile strength 2500-3000) construction with high resistance to tearing, cutting, and abrasion.  Designed to resist abrasion.   Also designed to resist corrosive liquids present in handling run-of-mine coal.


Width to 48", thickness 1/4" to 1" roll length to 28 feet.