Material Handling

Slurry & MAterials

w/ Reusable External Coupling

A complete system of hose and flanged coupling designed for the most abusive, highly abrasive conditions. Recommended for use in mine slurry applications, pump connections: well suited to handle dry or suspended sand, gravel, grain, ground or powdered chemicals, metal shavings, and sawdust. Available in sizes up to and including 14" I.D. and pressures to 150 PSI, as well as being suitable for vacuum service. A flexible connector especially designed for conducting abrasive and corrosive materials too rugged for cast iron and steel pipe.

Reusable external coupling
Allows full flow, Reusable, No internal coupling wear, Easy to install with no special tools, Made of the highest quality cast aluminum, the Slurry & Material Conducting System flanged coupling consists of two halves with internal threads corresponding to the corrugations of the special engineered system hose.

Designed for applications up to 150 PSI where internal abrasive conditions exist.

*8-12" Requires two couplings connected in series to obtain 150PSI Working Pressure

Maximum Length:

2-6" - 60ft

8-14" - 40ft

Tube Thickness:

2-4" - 1/4"

5-14" - 3/8"

Dredge Sleeves

Used in dredging service on discharge lines only as a flexible connector between steel pipes. Has 3/8" abrasion resistant tube, 3/32" cover. Will withstand the most severe service conditions. Stocked with sealed ends. Also available in 10 ft. and 20 ft. lengths.

Dredge Sleeves Clamps

Malleable iron clamps with 6 foot chain.

Sand Suction Dredging

Extra heavy suction hose for dredging in sand mines, river channels, and harbors. Constructed with 3/8" black natural rubber tube and 3/32" cover for maximum abrasion resistance in severe conditions. Available in 10 foot lengths.

Contact us for special requirements.

Dry Bulk discharge/Cement

Bulk Material Logo
Bulk Material Hose Illustration

Bulk loading and unloading of dry powders such as cement, lime, fertilizers, foundry sand, etc. Tube is compounded for cutting and abrasion resistance. Cover is weather and wear resistant. Carcass is constructed of synthetic yarn.

Hot Air Blower

For use in conjunction between compressors and storage tanks. Tube compound will withstand intermittent temperatures to 375ºF or a maximum of 350ºF continuous service. Tube is heat, ozone, and weather resistant. Carcass is spiral wire helix between braids of synthetic yarns. Cover is heat, ozone, and weather resistant.

Elephant Trunk

Special Order Price On Request

Cement discharge by gravity flow. Constructed with a 1/8" thick gum tube to withstand abrasion and 2 plies of cotton duck. Black rubber covered.

Pure Gum Sleeve

These are manufactured in our own shop to your specifications. Sizes shown are 1/4" thick pure gum sheet rubber,

and will withstand severe abrasive conditions.

Allow approx. 5 days for delivery. 

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request.

Pure Gum Tubing

U/V & Ozone resistant coating.  1/4" Wall Thickness with great abrasion resistance. Available in 25' Lengths, select cuts upon request.   


Designed for dry pneumatic conveying of solids where abrasive conditions are severe. Resists the cutting, gouging and abrasive action of solids such as sand, cement, fly ash, grain, rock, and plastic pellets. Very flexible and light for ease of handling.

Temperature Rating: -30 F to 140 F


Industrial Vacuum

For use in industrial cleaners, dust suction, and various systems requiring a light but tough and flexible rubber hose.


Plaster & Grout

High pressure hose designed to handle the pumping of concrete, plaster, grout, and chatcrete; to concrete structures, dams, swimming pools and other hard to get to applications. 

Imported Hose sold in 25' & 50' lengths only.


Plastic Crush-Proof Vacuum

A crush proof plastic hose designed for domestic, commercial and light industrial wet and dry applications. Construction design offers maximum bore smoothness and very low air flow resistance. Rounded exterior allows easy sliding across sharp corners.