Alligator Ready Set Staples

Designed for today's light & middle-duty synthetic carcass belting, the ALLIGATOR® Staple fastener utilizes high tensile, stainless steel staple attachment, in conjunction with an extended plate design.  This design separates the point of fastener penetration from the line of belt flexing to eliminate splice fatiguing (sawing) action at the point of attachment. 

Staples fastener are furnished in strips with a bridge between each fastener plate.  This strip design prevents individual parts (as with belt hooks or teeth in other styles of fasteners)  from getting into the products being conveyed.

 It also provides a stronger splice, greater resistance to impact damage and a smoother, unrippled joint that helps make hinge pin insertions easier.  Staples are hammer driven through the fastener and belt, working between carcass fibers without damaging them.  The staples are then clinched cross-wise to the belt; in this way, belt tension does not pull against the staples to unclinch them.

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Megalloy Fasteners

Staple Fast Connecting Pin

Staple Fast Retaining Washer

Installation Tools 

Ready Set Staples


RSC187 Set

For Sizes NO.62 / NO. 25 / NO. 187

The RSC187 tool accurately installs two staples simultaneously for a quick dependable splice installation.  Tool comes complete with guide blocks and a driver.  Tools are light weight, and can easily be carried to the belt.  One tool plus a hammer is all that is needed.  

Guide Block

Includes Cam Lever Spring

Staple Drivers