Bolt Solid Plate 

Heavy Duty steel fasteners for conveyor and elevator belts, splices in mines, foundries, sand & gravel, and crushed stone plants.  Provides a strong, tight-butt splice, natural troughing, and a smooth splice which can be run through trippers and take-up pulleys either side up.  Applied with small "hand" tools-available in special metals for unusual service conditions.  Stainless (acid and rust resistant), Evedur (non-magnetic), Promal (abrasion resisting), and Monel (acid resisting).  Also Used for repairing rips.   

Plate Selection Chart


For Required Fasteners Sets per Belt Width Click Here

VP Rubber Cover Top

Box Provides Enough for a 36"(900mm) Belt Splice

"C" Buckets

100 Fastener Sets Bottom Plates Pre-Assembled

90 Templets


Belt Tape - 100' per carton

Seals Belt Splices and eliminates the rippling effect of fastener application on new high tensile strengths belts.  Prevents moisture and material from working into joint, and spreads compression of plates evenly across the whole width of belt.