Steel J Carton

550 Hinged Joints

A heavy duty, separable fastener ideal for the new, thin, high tensile belts.  Widely used in underground mining, or wherever belt sections must be added or removed quickly.  Excellent for feeder belts.  Available in standard cartons for exact belt widths, or in bulk.

375 Hinged Joints

Makes a tight, separable joint on troughing and non-troughing conveyors, road machinery, ditching, and trenching machinery.     

Plate Selection Chart


"J" Carton- Continuous Strip w/Steel Nuts & Bolts

Curved Templates

Orange Filler Tubing

For Both 375X 550

Sold in 100' Rolls Only


Belt Tape - 100' per carton

Seals Belt Splices and eliminates the rippling effect of fastener application on new high tensile strengths belts.  Prevents moisture and material from working into joint, and spreads compression of plates evenly across the whole width of belt.