Water Suction & Discharge


Heavy Duty Water Suction

Colors: Green or Clear

Extremely Flexible - Lighter in weight than rubber

Durable - Easy to handle

Recommended for industrial, construction, and agricultural applications handling mild acids, sewage, air, and water. Temperature range - 10˚F to +130˚F.


All Weather Suction

Black EPDM rubber tube with green polyethylene helix. corrugated wall, smooth interior. Excellent flexibility and durability. Good resistance to light chemicals and fertilizer solutions. Excellent for septic service and transferring light abrasives. Temp. Range -30˚F to +140˚ F

Vacuum Rating:

1-1/4" thru 4" = 28" HG VAC

6" = 20 HG VAC


RoyalFlex Water Suction

ROYALFLEX lightweight hose is extremely rugged and requires little maintenance. So fundamentally different, it can’t be compared to any other suction hose. Royalflex is lighter in weight, has higher working pressure, and greater flexibility than conventional water suction hose. The P-1196 cover compound offers superior resistance to abrasion, cuts, gouges, mildew, and ozone. This hose offers maximum service at construction sites and in industrial service. Royalflex P-1196 is available with safety color coded blue cover for water service.

Rubber Water Suction

Extremely durable, heavy duty hose designed for rough and tough service applications. Black smooth rubber tube, high tensile wire inserted in multiple plies of fabric. Tough abrasion resistant cover. The solution to those hard to handle suction hose requirements.


Rubber Water Discharge

Designed for pressure and abrasion in discharge applications. Black tube and cover.

Mill Discharge

Combines flexibility, ease of handling and economy. Black rubber tube with a woven synthetic mildew resistant jacket. Excellent for contractor’s discharge service.

Not recommended for fire fighting or protection under severe pressure or abrasive conditions.

Expansion rings or short shank water hose couplings recommended.


Oil Resistant Discharge

Lightweight, Kink resistant, Compact easy to handle and store, Durable high abrasion resistance


PVc Blue Water Discharge

Blue Polyvinyl and Nylon Discharge hose is strong, extremely lightweight, and weather resistant.


PVc Red Heavy Duty Water Discharge

Use where higher working pressures are required.  Lightweight - easy to handle and durable.


PVc Green Heavy Duty  Water Discharge

Use where higher working pressures are required.   Lightweight - easy to handle and durable.


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